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Yearly Masquerade Festival "Kukerlandia" in Yambol town

       The masquerade festival Kukerlandia represents a synthesis of centuries old traditions, customs, sounds, shades of light It would be difficult to put into words the emotions evoked by the celebration of vernal purifying. Monsters and creatures, accompanied by the pounding of bells attached to their belts, perform rituals to chase away phantoms and evil spirits. This is how with the coming of Spring the spectators of the kukeri take a communion, immersing themselves in the tumult, wealth of colour, and sorcery of fertility rites.
      Every year between the second and the first Sunday prior to Lent (Zagovezni) the kukeri in the East of Bulgaria perform their rituals. The Kukerlandia festival is held annually in the town of Yambol within this period. Dozens of kukeri groups take part, and thousands of people assemble to watch.
       The main organizers of Kukerlandia are the Municipality of the town of Yambol and the Municipal Enterprise for Tourism and Culture. This is the place to thank them for the wonderful opportunity they give us to be part of an international event Kukerlandia!



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